Naturopathy most commonly applies more elementary diagnostic techniques such as a close look at the skin or the iris. The connective tissue on the back or the skin of the face can reveal a lot about a person’s state of health. The inner organs are projected onto the iris, the ear and also the feet. Changes in consistence, color, structure and sensitivity provide information on changes of the corresponding organs. Also, the Dorn method (see “Therapies”) can be used as a diagnostic method.

Naturopathy may also use ‘classical’ diagnostics, similar to Western medicine. Laboratories can analyze saliva, hair, urine or feces to gather information e.g. on hormone status, deficits in vitamins and minerals, inflammations or on the intestinal flora.

The most important means of gathering information remains a thorough case history. That comprises not only of your medical condition but also of your lifestyle, nutrition and hobbies. What drives you? What troubles you? What are your goals? I will ask a lot of questions especially during the first consultation but also during follow-up appointments. There are many important aspects to consider in order to gain a complete picture. The better I get to know you, the better the chances for a causal treatment.

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