Originally from Cologne, Germany, I am married and a mother of two children. Since 2002 we live in Switzerland and became citizens in 2016. When my profession and activities as family manager allow me some spare time, I like reading, music (I sing at the “Singkreis Egg”) and gardening. But my favorite hobbies are historic dances, like in the Jane Austen movies, and my motorbike.

Professional background

After attending a Gymnasium in Bergisch Gladbach, I studied Biology at the University of Cologne, focusing on molecular genetics and doing my doctoral studies on virus induced cancer. A research stay in Los Angeles was followed by an employment with a Biotech company near Cologne, working in Research & Developtment and teaching research methods.

After moving to Switzerland, a research project on endometriosis brought me to the University of Zürich and I did research on viral diseases with a company in Schlieren.

The field of alternative medicine was opened up to me when I was introduced to Reiki, an energy healing method. For centuries household remedies, homeopathic medication and herbal remedies have been known to be effective and I wanted to learn more about alternatives to Western medicine. So I started my Diploma as a naturopath in March 2013 and completed my studies in February 2017. The training comprised a thorough knowledge on Western medicine and a variety of alternative therapies (see menu item “Therapies”).

Languages: German and English fluent, French only basics.

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