Dorn method

Bei dieser Therapie werden Gelenke in ihre physiologische Position geschoben, unter aktiver Mithilfe des Klienten.


This method was developed by Dieter Dorn (1938 – 2011). It focusses on restoring the physiological position of the joints through pressure and active participation of the patient. The therapy starts with control and, if necessary, correction of leg length differences by treating the ankle, knee and hip joint. This is followed by the treatment of the sacro-iliac joint, the spinal cord and the joints in the shoulder/arm.

The vertebrae of the spinal cord are linked to inner organs by reflex circuits of the nervous system. When a vertebra is locked or slightly dislocated, the corresponding organ or muscle might be functionally handicapped. Pushing it back into the correct position helps alleviating the symptoms.

Therefore, the Dorn method can be used to relieve back and joint pain as well as functional disorders of inner organs and limbs.

The fact that vertebrae and organs are connected means, that the vertebrae can be used for diagnostic purposes.

After the treatment follow-on exercises are discussed because the Dorn method should be seen as “help for self-help”. The exercises at home enhance the effects of the treatment.