Energetic Desensitization

Die Energetische Desensibilisierung hilft dem Körper, Stoffe als harmlos zu akzeptieren, auf die er vorher mit einer überschiessenden Immunreaktion geantwortet hat.


Allergies are very common these days. They can be triggered by many substances such as pollen, animal hair, groceries, medication, metals and many more. There are various explanations how allergies are provoked. Theories include genetic disposition, excessive hygiene, shifts in the gut flora, vaccinations, food additives, to name just a few. Just as various are the approaches to treat allergies. There is the symptomatic treatment with antihistamines and cortisone, desensitization with increasing amounts of a given allergen or, mainly concerning food allergies, abstention.

Herbal remedies hold some candidates in store to help with acute symptoms of allergies. And of course an allergic person needs to consider optimizing food intake and the intestinal microbiome.Additionally, it takes an impulse on an energetic level. The Energetic Desensitization helps the body to accept substances that formerly had been identified as ‘aggressive’ and triggered violent immune response. These substances are integrated into the system and are no longer viewed as ‘threat’.