Coloured light acupuncture

Das Licht hat nicht nur eine Farbe sondern auch über seine definierte Schwingung eine definierte Energie. Diese Energie kann man einsetzen, um Vorgänge im Körper sanft zu harmonisieren. Dabei wir die Informationsübertragung im Körper beeinflusst und ausgeglichen.


White light is a mixture of all the wavelengths a human eye can perceive. Light of a specific wavelength is seen as a specific colour, because the photosensors in the retina send a signal to the brain which in turn interprets that signal, e.g. light with a wavelength of 435-480nm to us is blue. So colours are sensory impressions.

Colours can influence us, as the many expressions based on colours suggest: “feeling blue”, “green with envy” or “rose-tinted glasses”. Colour influences our subconscious mind and our psyche.

The effect of a given colour is not universal, but in general blue is considered to be a cool colour whereas orange and red are warm colours. So, if I want to soothe, blue is my choice. If I want to stimulate, orange and red are selected.

Light of a defined wavelength also has a defined vibration and energy. This energy can help to harmonize processes in the body. This is a safe, gentle and non-intrusive method to promote healing.