Hand and Fingerprint Analysis

Die Fingerabdrücke bilden sich schon lange vor der Geburt eines Menschen und bleiben ein Leben lang gleich. Sie geben Aufschluss über die Themen unseres Lebens.


This is not about fortune telling, this is about self-awareness. The analysis of your hands provides information on your talents, the challenges in your life und your individual approach on dealing with it. “Know thyself!” (Socrates)

The fingerprints are formed long before birth and they never change throughout life. They give us access to the big questions: What lessons did I chose to learn during my time on earth? What tools are to be found in my personal toolbox of talents? What are my biggest pitfalls?

Fingerprints reveal the plans the soul has made for this lifetime and give you precise information what you are dealing with and how to manage challenges. The goal is to integrate life’s lessons and clear the way to live to your full potential.

The lines and signs in the palm can change in time, depending on what life throws at you and your reaction to it. These signs tell us how you deal with themes in your life. How do you use your talents and potential? What do you spend your energy on? What is slumbering in your soul?

Hand and Fingerprint Analysis provides deep insights into ones psyche, mind and soul. It helps you to “know thyself” and to realize the patterns in your life. Knowing leads to understanding, understanding leads to a conscious choice!