Meridian Therapy

Meridiane sind Energiebahnen, die den Körper subkutan durchziehen. Die Energie zirkuliert einmal pro Tag durch den gesamten Körper entlang der Körpermeridiane.


The human body has an energy-circulation system, the meridians. The energy in the body flows through 12 organ-related meridians, that are found on the right and the left side of the body. And there are two main meridians that are located along the center line of the body.

There are studies showing the diffusion of warmth after moxibustion treatment along the meridians if the cones are placed on acupuncture points.

The energy circulates once per day through all meridians. A stagnation results in an energy overflow in one area deficiency at another, leading to various symptoms. E.g. problems with the shoulder are often related to gut problems. Ear-related symptoms can be traced back to kidney. So it’s always worth to take a closer look at the meridians and their functional range.