Die Hydrotherapie setzt Reize (kalt, warm, Wechselanwendungen) und hat den Effekt einer unspezifischen Abwehrsteigerung und einer vegetativen Stabilisierung.


Sebastian Kneipp rediscovered the ancient method of different water applications to treat acute and chronic afflictions. The stimuli vary through temperature, duration and the use of different herbal essences or etheric oils which boost the immune system and a stabilize the vegetative system. The blood flow is also stimulated locally and in corresponding inner organs. Pain is alleviated, inflammation soothed and tension is eased. Hydrotherapy is applied to cardiovascular diseases, afflictions of the digestive system and the respiratory tract as well as the musculoskeletal system and metabolic indispositions.

Wet packs with vinegar are a known household remedy for fever; bees wax helps with a cough and lemon with a sore throat. Most hydrotherapy treatments are best applied at home as an additional medication. If requested, I am happy to advise you on which method to use.