Vital nutrients

Unsere heutige Ernährung und unsere Essgewohnheiten führen oftmals zu einem Mangel an Vitalstoffen.


In naturopathy, one usually prefers to supply vital nutrients in the form of fresh food. Unfortunately our food and our eating habits have changed quite a bit during the past decades. And even if you eat healthily and choose to eat mainly organic food, you cannot be absolutely sure to receive all the vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantities. Fruit and vegetables are harvested before they are ripe and are transported for hundreds or thousands of kilometers. They are treated with gas and radiation to improve shelf life. The soil is over-fertilized, exhausted and has accumulated various chemicals. As a result, food contains less minerals and vitamins than before, e.g. brokkoli contains 70% less calcium then forty years ago, an apple 40% less vitamin C.

The uptake of minerals through drinking water is still considerable. The tap water in Switzerland still is quite a good source, so it doesn’t have to be the expensive store bought water, especially when considering the eco-balance of PET bottles being a hundred times worse.